Balanced Hybrid Office

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

After the impact of COVID-19 on the workplace, Hybrid Office is now the "New Normal" combining the benefits of remote working and office working.

Multiple Goal Planning

Offilancer uses artificial intelligence to optimize all these goals at the same time.

Office Cost Reduction

Overlaps of Teams in the Office

Innovation at Workplace

Mental Well-being

Strategic & Operational Planning

We can help you simulate complicated plans

Strategic Plan

  • Simulate hybrid office scenarios
  • Measure required office space
  • Optimize your workplace strategy

Operational Plan

  • Personalized plans for each employee
  • Collaboration plans for each team
  • Office plans for each workplace

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Fully customizable plans

Choose your optimization goal, and create tailor-made plans for your hybrid office based on multiple dimensionsasset


  • Business needs of each team
  • Personal needs of each employee


  • Office capacities
  • Meeting room capacities


  • Between different colleagues
  • Between different teams

Offilancer Benefits

Increased Office Collaborations

Set a minimum for office collaboration days for each of teams and projects, and increase their overlap in the office.


more office collaboration between dependent colleagues

*compared to manual planning

Reduced Office Space

Efficiently manage your real estate assets including shared spaces, meeting rooms and etc... to reduce unnecessary costs.


Less office space required

*compared to traditional office

Increased Random Run-Ins

Boost innovation by encouraging random encounters between all colleagues from different teams in the office.


more random encounters in the office

*compared to manual planning


Make your Employees Happier

Your employees set their preferences and needs, and we create balanced hybrid office schedules that combine their needs with the needs of your organization. Our tailor-made plans for each employee improve continuously with the application of machine learning on their feedback. We work together with your employee to make them happier and more productive.

Our success stories

show promising results for the companies

You can have all these benefits at the same time

See the results of one of our earliest projects


Watch During COVID scenario

Watch Post COVID Scenario


What else?

Offilancer also helps you with

Adding new teams smoothly without adding space

Stimulate social interactions between specific teams

Work space scenario planning

Smart reports on remote and office working

Do you want to see how offilancer works in practice?

You can schedule a demo to see our optimization tools and the user interfaces that we provide to employees and managers. You can also select a sample scenario from the rich set of hybrid office scenarios that we modeled and play with our data.

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